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-Caleb R.

Past couple of weeks has been fun! I am currently at a transitioning point in my life. Aside from the stress caused by the changes, I am really having as much fun as I can and doing good in the process.

Two weekends ago, I was privileged to travel to NYC to join epic adventures S.E. projects. Had a great time giving packs of gum away in front of Madison Square Garden, and handing out free breakfast bars to the day traders going to the Stock Exchange on Wall Street. Response was huge… New Yorkers would walk almost two blocks, and then realize we said “Free” then walk back and receive an act of kindness… Pretty cool! The entire trip was so energizing, also received fresh vision, and got some new ideas for what good we can do in our own city… I could not wait to get home.

“Home Run” Steve said, when I shared with him the result of how Emerge’s, our twenty’s group, S.E. projects went Sunday evening, I called it divide and conquer evangelism. It was electric!

We started off with worship, then I taught a crash course in S.E. – What is it? Why do we do it? How do you do it? – Then half of us went to a Skate Park and the other half to a BMX Track and gave away Gatorade and Flavor Ice. The response we was awesome. One emergent said, “I talked with a lady who was heart broken with several young children and was looking for a church that would love and accept her family, but had a negative view of church and this was just the touch she needed from a church.” Two other emergents gave Freeze Pops to a group of Muslim women and their children. How cool is that? The other group said the Skaters responded so well that they wished they had more Gatorade.

Over and over I see fruitfulness of being consistent, I always hear the phrases “The Vineyard right?” or “Your church is really cool, I think I might come check it out!”

When we returned to the church, there was a buzz in the air. Everyone seemed uplifted and encouraged. One person said, “I was really nervous first, but I think this is something I would like to do on a regular basis.” A small group leader said, “This was way more fun than just reading and studying the Bible, this is doing it!” As I was thinking about it all and coming down from my adrenaline rush, Luke 10 came to mind. I remembered when Jesus sent out the seventy-two and they returned with great joy and excitement about what they did in Jesus’ name and how joyful Jesus actually was at that moment. Next month, on our Servant Sunday we are going to kick it up a notch, I cannot wait!

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