great time yesterday our team of 60 people when to Glenburn Green for our 4th year…tons of people arrived played games, ate food, popcorn, snowcones, bounced in bouncy castle, had faces painted, made crafts, received groceries and received prizes…

FunFest Facts
pre-event loading the truck and the bus plus gathering materials takes 8 to 12hrs
giving instructions to team for the event takes 20mins
bagging 30 bags of groceries and loading them on the bus takes 20mins
it takes a min 50 people to pull off the event, ideally 60 and above would be great
set up at location takes about an hour
50 goldfish in small bowls being won by kids throwing ping pong balls takes 2hrs, it’s the game all the kids play…one gold fish is 4 years old living in a 20gal home
the 2 liter ring-a-drink-game with 64 bottles takes 2 hrs
we pray after instructions just before leaving, when we arrive, and when we debrief at site

clean up takes 2 to 3hrs

the focus of our tasks are the children and parents not the games…people were listened to, prayed for, praised when completing a game, and creating an atmosphere of God’s acceptance and fun…

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