Lancaster pa trip

just returned from a trip to share irresistible evangelism with a few churches…it was an interesting time

1. i learned church culture is strong and limits outward focused thinking
2. churches are realizing if they are going to pass on their legacy to the next generation they have to change
3. churches need the teaching, stories, to help them along the way toward change
4. an outside voice helps stimulate fresh faith, ideas and helps people move forward
5. stories help ground teaching and apply practical application
6. driving 10 hrs up and 10 hrs back is a long time

7. my personal views need to remain personal mentioning …reformed theology…was not helpful…side note. i lived in scotland for 18 years and have seen first hand the result of reformed theology…the church of scotland is the fastest declining church in the world…inward…us vs them…seperation from the world…leads to not being outward focused and the view if God wants people to be in His presence for eternity He is quite capable of doing it without our help…

8. team training is always better then doing training as a one man show, different insights, covering one another, stamina, and relating to different people is more than doubled

9. pastors in rural communities need encouragement, a listening ear and appreciation.

10. God has invested a lot in my life… i am humbled to see how He uses the investment and makes me want to give more.

11. there is always obstacles to over come…in love, in faith and with good attitude

12. consider the audience…sometimes we miss the mark by shooting past the people we are trying to motivate by not considering the audience with our presentations…who are their age…time as a church, what type of church are they…what are their views, where do they come from … their history…background, how can i best communicate the truth they need to hear…what do i need to say, and how can i present the news that will connect and move them forward

it was a good time…well worth the journey…

see for doug pollocks wealth of info and wonderings..


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