3 outreach ideas

heading out using 3 outreach ideas over the coming weeks…

1. Flowers for neighbors…we will have 40 to 50 flats of flowers this weekend…i’m targeting our 10:45am service…as people leave they will have the opportunity to grab a 4 pack of flowers to take home and to give / plant for a neighbor…we will have an outreach card and some simple instructions for each flat.

2. Man’s best friend outreach we will be going to a major dog walk, show at delco park…we will have boxes of IAMs dog biscuits to give to the dog owners with a small card…thinking this will be a fun one.

3. Gas buy down on the July 4th weekend at a local station…we have the station…gas prices remain high…so we will be doing a full service gas station…washing windows…putting fluid in car windshield wash receivers…and giving a $2 to $3 cash back to each car participating…

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