water 8,000 bottles

gearing up for our huge water outreach in July…it may seem strange but i have to think several months out to make sure everything is going to go without any hitches and it helps relieve the stress concerning the event…this year we went for simple, clear and concise label…we help the City Folk every year with 1500 bottles for their celebration of Celtic or Jazz over the 4th weekend. The water goes to all the volunteers who help at the event…last year on the 4th of July the city gave away free city water can you believe that…they got the idea from a pretty good church…

oh by the way the lady who is running the dog event said, ‘Oh you’re going to give dog biscuits away like the water you gave away last year’…she went on to mention she was one of the ones to receive a bottle of water… said, ‘that’s cool!’

sow seeds you never know who is going to be a recipient…a few years ago Billy Graham received a bottle of water from one of the students participating in the world largest drink give away in one weekend many churches touched over 300,000 people.

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