single parents / grandparents raising kids

we are launching a new ministry…we placed a needs survey in the program and on the back a i can help vol sign up …. great response we have over 100 people who stepped up saying they want to help and 40 single parents / grandparents who described their deepest need and their affrirmation to become involved in such a ministry… we’ve had two planning meetings and we are planning to:
complete the database entrys
travel to Columbus to view a single parent fair

Single Parents Fair
This event was intended to reach out a welcoming hand to single parents by providing free services pertinent to their needs. Some of the services we provided at the event were oil changes, car wash, legal advice, and medical services. We also provided a free lunch and lots of activities for the kids like games, crafts, motorcycle rides and a visit from the fire department. A resource table is available with information about Vineyard ministries that provide programming relevant to singles and parenting. Over 900 families turn out for this event each year.

plan a special classy meal for the parents
plan a free oil change
schedule a single parent fair september 16
schedule 2 weeks of serving where we connect willing people to serve the single parents / grandparents… the serving will include cleaning, fixing, a parents day out childcare, listening, coaching, praying etc.
make our reimbursment childcare / baby sitting forms available…

eventually we envision a drop in center…

lot’s of work but off to a good start.


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