the venture of faith

here is a weekly look into the mind of jo sanders…a late great church leader…

‘by faith Abraham went out, not knowing where he was going’…Heb 11:8

a step of faith always involves the acceptance of a calculated risk. it is not blind credulity but calm confidence. the hero’s of faith had their portraits hung in God’s Hall of Fame (see Hebrews 11) because they were prepared to stake everything on His faithfulness. Had there been no element of risk in their exploits, faith would have been unnecessary.

Abraham ventured all on the faithfulness of God. ‘He went out, not knowing where he was going.’ faith does not demand to know where it is being led. he prepared to sacrifice Isaac, not knowing why God asked it of him and not knowing how God could redeem His promise. His venturing faith made him father of the faithful.

three young men faced incineration in a fiery furnace for their faithfulness to God. They ventured all on His trustworthiness.‘Our God is able to deliver us … but if not … we will not worship the golden image.’. (Daniel 3:17-18) Their faith found its reward in companionship with the Son of God in the firey furnace.

j. O. sanders effective faith

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