faith & love

Faith and love do their best work as a team. Faith works by love Gla5:6 Love believes all things 1Cor 13:7

Paul surprisingly asserts that a person who has faith strong enough to remove mountain after mountain of difficulty but who is loveless is a spiritual nonentity…I may have faith strong enough to move mountains, but if I have not love I am nothing 1Cor 13:2

He cites faith’s success and then shows that, devoid of love, in God’s sight its success is arrant failure. Faith with out love is a cipher. Miracle working faith can be cold and loveless, but it attains it hightest potency and value when suffused with glowing love, for love is competely trusting.

It is love for God which inspiries faith in Him. We trust only those whom we know and love. The greater our knowledge of God as he has revealed Himself in Christ, the deeper will be our love for Him, and the stronger our faith. Love for God begets an unbounded faith and confidence in His word. It takes his promises at their face value.

Great faith works by great love…

JO Sanders

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