faith vs sight

the little booklet effective faith is out of print…over the years i’ve been encouraged by j.o. sanders writings…faith is one principle that every person experiences…even the writer of the new book The Jesus Papers about Jesus being married, not the son of God, not raised from the dead etc. is writing from faith…misdirected faith, documents quoted he has never seen etc. but from faith never the less…

Much distress in the lives of Believers stems from an unresolved conflict between these two principles. Sight is concerned with the tangible and visible. Faith is occupied with the invisible and spiritual. Sight is worldly prudence. Faith is other-worldly wisdom. Sight concedes reality only to things present and seen. Faith forms a solid ground for what is hoped for, a conviction of unseen realities Heb 11:1 Berkeley

Each principle strives for the ascendancy and the Believer chooses which shall characterize their life.

A craving for outward signs or inward feelings is a mark of spiritual immaturity…Abraham looked away from earthly dwelling to a ‘city whose builder and maker is God. Moses, choose to leave the pomp and power of Egypt and ‘endured as seeing him who is invisible.’

We walk, move forward, by faith. The ideal life is one of progress. A faith which does not walk may soon become too week to stand.

j.o. sanders

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