faith or sight

we walk by faith not by sight 2 Cor.5:7

“There is no such thing as faith apart from the object on which it is fixed. It is like our eyesight which does not exist apart from the object of vision. In looking at something, we see, not our eyesight, but that on which our vision is focused. So the object on which faith relies is not our faith, but that which our faith enables us to see. Jesus Christ is the savior, and faith is simply the eye that looks at Him and apprehends Him.”

j.o. sanders effective faith

We are hosting a Worship on Wednesday or WOW this coming Wednesday night…90 minutes of focusing on Him in song, and music. At the end we will be offering healing prayer…last Wednesday a lady’s back straightened, my friend toes began to move after 9 years of being locked up…and many were impowered to begin to walk forward from their painful past.

here is a ladies story…
Today xxxxxxxxxxxxx called filled with emotion and joy. She had attended the healing service on 3/15/06 and Marc Dupont and another woman prayed for her. She came only because she needed to make a decision on how to proceed with surgery for breast cancer – a mastectomy or a lumpectomy. She said she felt an intense warmth spread over her while they were praying and knew the cancerous mass was shrinking. Today her doctor confirmed that the lump is totally gone – she is healed of breast cancer!! As an aside, she said she has always been skeptical of religion and wavers between belief and non-belief. She no longer wavers.

WOW should be off the chart.

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