urgency vs sensitivity

bus run was a fun upbeat, adventure…yesterday we went to a low income apartment building on our circuit of stops planned over a year this was the 6th time we visited this apartment complex over the last 2 years…in june we will be throwing a community funfest for the 4th year…it is amazing how people remember the groceries and the prayer, the funfest…people are now more open, appreciative, and receptive…consistency i think is always the key…

one home a lady was recovering from a beating by her boy friend
a young man was recovering from a fall of 30 feet…the platform hydraulics failed he had a choice, jump or ride er down…he jumped and survived with bruising…needless to say he was very open to prayer
a young mom holding a baby in her arms was very appreciative
a guy going into recovery for his addictions was grateful for the counsel, encouragement and prayer
one person facing cancer was prayed for…

how do you learn to care? ans: by positioning yourself in situations where you can care…it’s not rocket science, just a faith response to the heartbeat of God.

Faith Quote j.o. sanders

Faith is confidence, reliance, trust. It is the sixth sense which enables us to apprehend the invisible but real spiritual realm…It is a confidence in a God who is absolutely trustworthy, and utterly reliable.

…It is a child like, effortless trust which is never betrayed.

Faith enables the believing soul to treat the future as present and the invisible as seen…

there is always a corresponding fact to which it gives substance. Nor is it merely passive. Every true act of faith is followed by an activity of faith. it grows with exercise, but atrophies through neglect.

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