well here it is another year passes…boy time flies…a good morning pattie cooked my favorite breakfast poached egg, gritts, bacon and coffee…fun eating and talking…

we are attending a black tie meal Saturday night…art museum of dayton all expenses paid…hard to be on the receiving end…pattie is buying some shoes today for the big event…

yesterday was interesting…two pastors called and want to Kiss their city one in kansas and one on colorado…fun to coach and to do some spinning…i found 4 kingsized Hershey kisses to use on the weekend i speak going to give them away at the end of each service…the kids are bagging 3k tonight as part of their service project for their badges they receive in their wed night classes…helps share the value

Sat we kick off get on the bus for the new year going to landmark apartments…we’ve been there several times we offer groceries and prayer…lots of energy and fun..


here is the direct quote from blue like jazz ‘i was addicted to myself. all i thought about was myself. the only thing i really cared about was myself. i had very little concept of love,altruism, or sacrifice. i discovered my mind is like a radio that picks up only one station, the one that plays me: K-DON, all Don, all the time.’

to be honest it’s a common problem…those who make a difference have their stations tuned outward not inward.

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