blue like jazz

Finished Blue Like Jazz interesting read…liked some of the concepts and dialogue in the book…not sure how much liberty was taken for artistic impression, interpretation on some stories but a good read none the less…I liked the authors spin on most of us have one station tuned in …the station of ME…the trick is to turn your station down and tune into other people pod casts.

Speaking of pod casts mosaic and Erwin McManus have some good messages to download and listen to on itunes.

Working on systems or all our outreach projects …each outreach will have a description, how to set up, the components, training, tips and execution of each outreach…it will take time…wrote Get on the Bus! today…hopefully if I pass on, move or am out of pocket someone will be able to read the system add their spin and successfully pull it off. Interestingly an outreach leader just phoned and asked how to set up and execute the bag outreach I’ll be emailing the notes to him.

Received my giving record I was surprised how we did this last year…just a tad bit behind on where I wanted to be…

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