Martin Luther King Jr.

what an amazing day yesterday. we served 75 gallons of boston stoker coffee for free to the marchers in the mlkd march…Athletes in Action supplied the man power we supplied the coffee. We set up 3 coffee stations at the gathering points for the march. as people gathered we served coffee and handed out hand warmers. after the march set off several of the team marched with the crowds as we quickly moved the stations downtown dayton…in the nick of time we arrived and hurriedly set up 2 coffee stations…one station just in front of where the speakers for the day spoke the other just in front of the marchers arriving from west dayton.

at our station a huge kind guy, who had just successfully completed rehab, asked if he could help serve when we were setting up. yep, he served hundreds of cups of coffee and brought some street cred to what we were doing…we later prayed for him and thanked him for his service…he replied ‘no thank you this made my day.’

we were overwhelmed by the kind vibe, attitudes and the many thanks we received from the people served…we learned one thing…next year we will bring hot chocolate!

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