get over it

i guess the ole holiday spirit has run out here at the bowen home usually it takes me a few days to decompress and to bounce back after giving out for a year…at the years end and going into the new i look forward to january to be a time for recharging the ole batteries…i usually read, think and ponder…i also attempt to leave work at work hard to do when so involved…

we are looking for a family life pastor and celebrations coordinator both are key spots…the right person needs to in place not an easy task…we have to consider staff emotions, chemistry, compatency…i often ask would i be able to work with this person…can he / she be viewed by others as a leader they would follow or i would follow etc…all a mix we need to press into the process.

giving…think what it would look like if every person was willing to give something toward the cause…most believers have a free ride enjoying all churches do and provide …there would be no lack if every one pitched in…the kingdom of God would surely advance, there would be no lack.

in the midst of my decompression i’d better just get over it and live for the day…i.e. last blog entry…amazing how you can write a thought one day and forget to apply it the next.

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