selfishness ouch

just received a phone call from a lady whose husband left her at a store, took all of the money and abandoned her and her 16 year old daughter…that is an ouch that will hurt for many years to come…it always amazes me when i see the depravity of man in action…selfishness at the core of who we are as human beings…a me first attitude of heart and mind…a i want my needs fulfilled no matter the cost to others…

i think of psalms that says what is man that you o lord are mindful of him, made a little lower than angels crowned with glory and honor…how far we fall…how much we need picking up…this is the season and Christ is the reason…He has amazing grace and patience not willing that any should blow their life away but that all should change their minds and follow him…he alone can make us new creations on the inside.

anyway we sent the mom’s dad some cash so the family themselves can best decide how to help in the situation…glad i’m part of a pretty good church who look beyond ourselves to help care for the needs of others.

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