A blur of a weekend…1400 people plus 400 volunteers packed Sinclair College for Saturdays Making Christmas Dreams Come True 2005. Out of the four 350 people seatings, only 70 guests per seating were adults, the rest were kids…kids of all colors, and shapes but with one thing in common…poor.

It was a blast to see the smiles on the faces as they walked in to the balloon filled room…Santa’s chair with our pro Santa, 4 different craft opportunities and some very talented face painters…our magicians were a hit as were the clowns who went table to table connecting with the kids and adults.

Every person was fed a 3 course meal presented by our Vineyard table servers…we found out that next year we will offer Jell-O not salad…

Our prayer team was out in force and offered prayer for those who needed it…one lady I prayed for had some kidney problems, as we prayed we asked for healing of any emotional stress, she broke and began to weep as God’s Spirit touched her…Another lady brought 10 kids from her housing area. She leads the kids by forming troupes to act and sing…’it keeps the kids off the streets…this party is a good thing’ she commented.

After the meal every kid received a wrapped present and picked out a present for their parent…as they left to go home they were given a bag of groceries complete with Bob Evans sausages and pumpkin pies. Our grocery people also handed out mittens and hats donated by 377 National Guard group.

One highlight…we always have a few new bikes to give to special children we see. We always receive enormous smiles, high fives and hugs from the recipients.

All who attended commented on how well the event flowed…We had the best team we’ve ever planning and executing the event…Friday night before the event 200 hundred volunteers showed up for our first annual pre-party vision, and information… meeting it was electric…the leaders spoke with passion, with unifying affirming language …it was a move forward for us as a church…the vibe: it is our party, and it is great to be able to have a part to play.

All left over gifts were set up on tables at the Vineyard for parents and grandparents who couldn’t afford a gift for their kids…one lady weeping commented ‘I just love this church’…

Blur…weeks and a tough 4 days of behind the scenes, bag packing, toy wrapping, balloon inflating, and room set up, problem solving…my days sometimes 5am to 8pm and beyond. A blur…but a good kind of tired. Not a bad weekend for a pretty good church.

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