Making Christmas Dreams Come True 2005

gearing up to pull off the Making Christmas Dreams Come True 2005 party at Sinclair College downtown Dayton. we have raised most of the funding for the party and all the presents are wrapped, bagged and ready to go. just packing the groceries tonight and loading everything tommorow and moving balloons, crafts, facepainting, presents, signs etc to the college…faith helps me believe we will receive all the funding. last year we cleared the bill. i’m trusting the same will happen this year.

a win for me is how many people we touch with God’s love and how many people we have involved in serving…this year we have over 300 people signed up to serve at the party. there is a great leadership team in place ready to receive the vols and the 1400 less-served from the community.

we are having a special vol…meeting on friday night to cast vision, give information, break up into our serving teams and to receive some instructions…here is the Why:

Serving our way into the hearts of our community is a priority of the Vineyard. The noise we make by our serving can speak louder than our words. Being the good news is often the way people become receptive to hear the good news. So, when talking to the kids, and the parents let them know Jesus cares by your serving and your by attitude of grace. Lastly, look for opportunities to offer prayer.


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