the male passage of life…sigh

what a day…started out going to the doctor for the ole prostate check and blood work. ..i woke up late and had to rush out pulling on a hat to hide the bed hair look…good news ‘yep it feels aok’ i said that’s great news…he then wanted to shake hands as he left the room, i said ‘i don’t think so…for those of you who don’t have a clue about male health it is a ritual men over 40 must endure on a yearly basis…two of my friends had to have isotopes placed to deal with early stages of cancer…both recovered and are glad they were checked…so i reckon the male yearly passage is worth taking…

wrap it up went well today…had some good talks one family from kentucky talked about the taking Christmas out of Christmas and it is now happy holiday not merry christmas…i mentioned there is a place in psalms that says the nations are trying to remove the king from his throne…the king laughs and says it aint gonna happen…when they left the lady said ‘merry christmas’

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