Wrap It up!

busy day home at 7pm…went to mall today to set up the wrapping station…it looks good…interesting comment from a passing couple…’oh a church is wrapping presents wonder how much they are going to make, hmmphs’…makes you wonder how they were influenced and by what church. Wrapping for free is a spin that helps redefine church, Jesus to the community. we were asked by the mall people to extend the 12 days of Christmas to 15 days…i’m working on a new song called the 15 days of Christmas.

another thought…I’m thinking about writing a leadership article called wopping gophers…it’s the chucky cheese game…the one you have with a rubber mallet and you pop the gophers as they pop up…one pops up you wack it and three more pop up…church leadership is something like that concerning problems…hit one problem and 3 other problems pop up…lot’s of what i do is thinking on my feet and solving pressing problems…lately to be honest it has been kinda refreshing to work with a team and problem solve on the fly…

a side note the Life Enrichment Center will be launched from the vineyard in Jan as a seperate 503C…it has been an interesting 4 years…coaching…keeping people alive and in relationship…some interesting issues…like…some people thinking we stopped investing in the ministry when $ every week are given plus lot’s of prayer, time investment etc happens… one of the gophers i reckon…glad there is some flexability among the leaders

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