another on the fly day at the vineyard…we are gearing up for several events that tend to leave me out of breath at the end of the day. Making Christmas Dreams Come True 2005 is a huge party for 1400 of the less-served of Dayton…amazing ammount of planning, small details to large plans…we always need help to pull this off.

Wrap it up! starts Friday at the Dayton mall.

not to mention kindness to go, 4 services for Christmas and a baptism.

Baptism here is a blast. 20 people so far are signed up to take the plunge. One lady told her story this past weekends class for new belivers, A Starting Point. She related how her life totally changed after her baptism from stress to peace, from fear to joy, from wearieness to rest…it was some story divorce, foreclosure, suicidal thoughts to a new life in Jesus Christ. Those being baptized I’m hoping will experience some major changes as well.

Oh, yeah I fell…more like bounced on ice yesterday! a bit sore but plodding on.

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