Met with some upcoming church planters yesterday…It is encouraging to me that a group of young 20’s are wanting to go for it and plant a new Vineyard. Springboro Ohio, one of the fastest growing areas in Ohio. It was good to talk, listen and encourage.

One thing I mentioned to the team is the whole thing of God’s favor being on a life, a church, a group. Favor is something many people don’t ask for or think about. To be honest I have only ever done anything because of God’s favor. Hindsight is 20 20…Looking back I think I missed seeing God’s favor even though it was there all along the way. In the hard spots, in the misunderstanding times, when leaders who should have gotten world view and huge opportunities and potiential couldn’t see past the nose on their faces, when I was in fetal position just moving back to the USA with no job, a family, when I was not known for who I really am by my friends and people I worked with etc. In all of it God’s favor indicators were on…pulsing…improving the situations, opening doors, etc.

Favor…is a wonderful thing.

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