regrets, some

good day today…took some bags filled with gronloa bars, breathmints etc to local shops…Doug P from AIA went along for the ride…good talks with lots of people…one lady mentioned I almost didn’t go to work today…now I’m glad i did.

Doug talked to a men’s group about discovering purpose in all we do…a good talk with some interesting spins.

Also, one group went to the Nursing home near work…200 carnations went to the people there. going there personally is a challenge…too close to eternity and the downwardness of humanity dealing with age and sickness. to be honest i didn’t think i’d make it this far 53. makes me ponder…regrets probably some, continuing to run with passion… plodding on

Able to stimulate people last week with a talk mainly about the decisions we make and how those decisions for good can touch a life and motivate a person to perhaps do some great things some day…just because we redifined church, or touched a life with a small thing…the things we do with kindness is like throwing a small pebble in a pool and watching the ripples extend…

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