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A few years ago Pattie and I re-fired and didn’t retire. We embarked on a new journey.

We encourage others to develop outwardfocused living.

Pattie teaches at a local elementary school. She is a triplet. She loves to create, laugh, and pray for others. We currently live in Kettering, Ohio.

We are serving Upper Room Worship Canter in Tipp City, Ohio. Being active in local church settings continues to enhance our growth and equipping skills.

The messenger is the message.

Leaders who embrace the value of outwardness are the key to any church successfully reaching their world for Jesus Christ.

+ An outward-focused environment is created through thoughts, words, questions, actions, and attitudes.

+ Outwardness is more often caught than taught. It’s in the experience of going and doing…we see differently.

+ Often a connection point or an a-ha moment is created as we serve others, pray for someone, or express love through a small act of kindness. When we go and do, we begin to understand.

Encouragement: Our primary gift is the gift of encouragement. We love to encourage others.

We’d love to spend some time with you, or talk with you, to help guide you toward outward-focused engagement. If you are interested in knowing more fill out the contact area.

I also write Kindness-to-go.com. Ongoing development of small acts of kindness. People pick up items as they leave a church gathering, a conference, or a planned outreach event. They then use the gift as a bridge to encourage someone. You may be able to have a conversation to hear their heart. You may be able share your story, the good news, or pray for the person.

Steve & Pattie

My book Go. Sow. Practical tips, stories and helps toward outward-focused living… Is available on Amazon.com.